MooseX::DIC is a dependency injection container tailored to Moose, living in a full OOP environment and greatly inspired by Java DIC frameworks like Spring or CDI.

The goal of this library is to provide an easy to use DI container without configuration files and with automatic wiring of dependencies via constructor by class type (ideally by Role/Interface) (although a file-based config file is available too for those that would prefer a clean codebase ).

The configuration is performed by the use of Marker roles and a specific trait on attributes that have to be injected.

One of the principal tenets of the library is that while code may be polluted by the use of DIC roles and traits, it should work without a running container. The classes are fully functional without the dependency injection, the library is just a convenient way to wire dependencies (this is mainly accomplished by forbidding non constructor injection).

This library is designed to be used on long-running processes where startup time is not a concern (within reason, of course). The container will scan all configured paths to look for services to inject and classes that need injection.

There is a great amount of flexibility to account for testing environments, non-moose libraries, alternative implementations of services, etc, although none of it is needed for a simple usage.